“My BF & I were looking for a good italian place and WOW were we blown away! Yum..yum…yummy! The pizza is perfect too!  This is it!”


“We recently tried the oven roasted chicken with rosemary potatoes and IT WAS SO BOMB!!!”


“I will not lie but i love this place!! The food is awesome the place its just extremely romantic and the outdoor area is great.

They do not take long when you order at the front and they’re very attentive with your needs.

I love the garlic bread with olive oil its delicious.

I would totally recommend this place to anyone.”


“Places like these, I’m grateful that I have a Yelp account. This is hands down one of my favorite Italian restaurants! You should but probably be skeptical with drive thru Italian joints, but not with this one!!!

I’m so impressed every time I come to this location, I told my girlfriends this afternoon that I would write a review.

I’ve never had a bad thing on the menu. The bread is delicious, the salads are HUGE and filling, and the raviolis are to die for!!!!

The waiter is at our table every 10 minutes, and I couldn’t be happier when he comes around with a fresh basket of bread.

Today we were so happy with our meal, we left ANOTHER tip on the table. I promise, you won’t be disappointed

I don’t drink, but I heard he sangria is good too”


“I found a new favorite Italian place. Although it has a drive thru outside, I have to admit – that’s helpful and something new. They still have a nice interior inside and free bread! I love their lunch special and wouldn’t mind coming here every week!”


“I get Tutto Fresco pretty regularly and I have to say it is great! I’ve tried several dishes and I wouldn’t say every one is a home run but the lasagna definitely is!! The convenience of a drive through with the quality of a sit down is unbeatable! If you check this place out try the lasagna and I can almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed!!”


“This is my favorite go to restaurant in the area. The food tastes great, comes out fast and is more than enough to fill my belly. The service is top notch. I always have a special order and they make it just perfect. The servers are superb and always friendly and nice. The prices are very reasonable. I can try and sugarcoat this review and make it all nice and sweet but I don’t have to as the place speaks for itself. Just go for yourself and you will see.”


“Amazing quick service Italian food. Everything is good. I haven’t had something bad yet. The staff is amazing and always remembers my family and greets is by name.”


“Great food great service very reasonably priced and very very very good tasting spaghetti”